Minutes October 2016


Minutes from a meeting of Cropthorne Parish Council held on Monday 5th September in the Village Hall at 7pm

  1. PRESENT :

Chairman B Annis Councillor W Clive Councillor J King

Vice Chairman S Smythe Councillor R Segar Councillor R Kelly

Clerk L Yapp 18 members of the public

  1. APOLOGIES were received from District Councillor M English & County Councillor E Eyre
  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Councillor J King – Village Hall Matters
  3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from previous meetings were approved and signed – proposed Councillor Clive, seconded Councillor King


  • Issues with residents parking on the amenity area in Lower Croft. A photograph would be forwarded to Rooftops Housing
  • Overgrown leylandii at the top of Brook Lane (junction with B4084) – the clerk to write to the residents
  • Willow tree cuttings left in the ditch in Brook Lane – the clerk to write to the resident concerned
  • Poor state of pavement from bottom of Brook Lane to church. The parish council reminded residents that in order for pavements to be considered for improvements depended on the number of complaints logged on the CC website. I have reported this myself but may require more ‘hits’

a) 16/01082 Greenacres, Brook, Lane, Cropthorne – reserved matters approval following outline planning permission ref: 14/01875 (appeal reference APP/H1840/A/2228591 – Refused by WDC

b) 16/01473 Watergate Barn, Neigh Lane – Change of use of garage to study – approved by WDC

c) 16/01784 Brook Farm, Brook Lane – removal of cold store and water tank, change of use to provide pick-your-own and tea room – Awaiting decision by WDC

d) 16/01671 Hillview Ducks – proposed store and stables – Approved by WDC

e) 16/01443 Spring Cottage, Middle Lane – Two storey side extension – approved by WDC

f) 16/01871 Cropthorne Stud – Proposed shelter for horse walker and storage – approved by WDC

g) 16/01771 Lanesend – Smallholding Retrospective planning for field shelter – approved by WDC

h) 16/01869 Solgrove, Brook Lane – front and rear extensions with alterations – approved by WDC

i) Name of new housing development – It was suggested that the new development name should have some link to the blacksmiths that uses to be in existence. It was agreed that the new name should be The Smithy – the clerk would inform WDC planning of the name choice change – I have since heard back that the previous name choice of Sheppey Corner will stay.

j) 16/01958 Pool House, Main Street – upper ground floor single storey kitchen extension, lower ground floor single store extension and first floor bedroom with en suite extension – No objections

k) 16/02039 Corran Dean, Smoke Lane – Supported care apartments to consist of 6 en suite bedrooms, self-contained staff accommodation, training room and living rooms – whilst there were no objections to the proposed care apartments, there were concerns that this could be an ideal ‘back door’ development at a later date. The clerk would ask WDC for a condition that the dwelling stays as it is and not permitted to change to a private residence at a later date. Four councillors voted in favour with 2 against the planning application

Miscellaneous Planning Concerns: –

(i) Stricklands – Living accommodation issues – with enforcement team

(ii) Severn Acres – second access – with enforcement team


  1. VILLAGE HALL – Minutes from the recent meeting had been circulated. Councillor King advised that the booking secretary would soon be leaving the village, and she was looking at stepping down as chair to take on the bookings. It was agreed that the annual Fireworks Display would not be held this year due to the lack of volunteers. Monies raised would be carried over to next year
  2. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORT – This had been circulated to councillors.
  4. Smart Water – More SmartWater kits had been delivered in Cropthorne although there were a number of properties still to receive theirs. It should be noted that crime in Cropthorne had reduced
  5. Lengthsman – Nothing to report
  6. Baldwins Bank – Some remedial clearing is necessary before the winter sets in. Councillor and the clerk would discuss
  7. New Homes Bonus – Funds had been received for the Sound / Vision Project
  8. Traveller Consultation – Awaiting decision. The clerk was asked to chase WDC
  9. HGV Lorries/Lay-by Main Road – Nothing to report
  10. Rooftops Properties – visits had been made to those properties with gardens causing concern. A return visit to follow.

8. SPEEDING B4084 – A petition had been presented to the parish council, signed by approx.. 22 residents,

With emails and letters, asking the for the parish councils support in reducing the speed of traffic on the B4084. The dangers when pulling out from properties (as well as Brook Lane, Field Barn Lane and Smokey Lane), difficulties for children crossing the road to catch the school bus (and returning home – at peak times) and properties vibrating from the speed of larger vehicles (particularly at night) were just a few of the concerns raised. The parish council fully supported the cause, and in the first instance would contact CC E Eyre, also to seek the data collected from recent ‘data collecting cables /box’. Possible solutions

  • Permanent speed sign
  • Speed ‘gates;
  • Reduced speed limit

An email would be sent to all those on the village email list and a notice placed in 5 Alive

  2. Approval of payments made/to be made since last meeting, as listed below – All councillors approved

(b) External Audit – report had been received. No major problems (other than the Notice for Electors had been displayed for longer than necessary). The report had been placed on the notice board and village website


10. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Monday 7th November