The Council

Parish Council

Parish Councils form the first tier of local government, closer to the community than either District or County. Councillors are elected for a term of four years, the parish poll usually coincides with the District Council election. The number of Councillors a parish can elect depends on the number of voters in the ward, Cropthorne Parish Council comprises 7 councillors and is led by a Chairperson who is selected from members at the annual meeting of the Parish Council in May.

The Parish Council also has a page on the Worcestershire Hub website which is updated automatically.

It has been decided to show some Parish Council information here again, including agendas for upcoming meetings, minutes and contact details.

The Parish Clerk looks after the administration of the Council’s business and is the day-to-day point of contact.
The current Parish Clerk is Lynne Yapp.

Contact Details

Parish Clerk
Ms Lynne Yapp
36 Abbey Road, Pershore WR10 1JP.
Tel: Office 01386 552233, Mobile 07971 1362445
Bob Annis
Conifers, Main Road, Cropthorne WR10 3NE.
Tel: 07890 293997
email: please contact Clerk
Scott Smythe
Staddle Stones, Blacksmiths Lane, Cropthorne WR10 3LX.
Tel: 07790 498970
email: please contact Clerk
Jacqui King
Little Cottage, Middle Lane, Cropthorne WR10 3LZ.
Tel: 01386 860699
email: please contact Clerk
Will Clive
Old Hall Farm, Main Street, Cropthorne WR10 3NB.
Tel: 01386 860308
email: please contact Clerk
Rupert Segar
The Sling, Middle Lane, Cropthorne WR10 3LZ.
Tel: 01386 861078
email: please contact Clerk
Mike Rowell
contact details withheld

Councillors Declarations of Interest

Each year, members of the Parish Council must make Declarations of Interest if there is any possibility of a conflict between their activities outside of the council and the business of the council. Additionally, at each meeting, members must bring to the attention of the whole council any matter which could present a conflict of interest in the business to be discussed. This could be a planning matter, or some trading relationship.

You can view the declarations on the Parish Council’s page of Wychavon District Council Website.