Minutes September 2016


Minutes from a meeting of Cropthorne Parish Council held on Monday 5th September in the Village Hall at 7pm

  1. PRESENT :

Chairman B Annis Councillor W Clive Councillor J King

Vice Chairman S Smythe Councillor D Furlong Councillor R Segar

County Councillor E Eyre Clerk L Yapp Ten members of the public

D Smallcombe (D Smallcombe – Building Specialist) & D Smith (GAJ UK Ltd) re: Development at Greenacres

D Smallcombe & D Smith – re: Development at Greenacres, Brook Lane – Introduction by D Smallcombe including work history, background and plans for the site. To build homes that blend with the neighbouring properties and location. Wants to work with nearby residents, and to minimise their concerns / issues. Advised that the small properties on the site would only mean extensions being added at a later date, and the cost of infrastructure on the site would cost in the region of £250,000, hence the need to build the larger style homes. Concerns raised by parishioners:

  • Blue Clay – one resident raised concerns that their home was built on blue clay and had experienced

problems in the past. Assurance was given by Mr Smallcombe that the area would be subject to a structural engineers report before any works commenced. Mr Smallcombe was happy to liaise with the property owner direct, and if necessary, an insurance policy would be taken out to protect the property.  Mr Smallcombe advised that ‘piling’ would be used if necessary.  The parish council request that this is clarified as a condition on any planning approval, if granted

  • Landscaping – A further landscaping application would be necessary at a later date but Mr Smallcombe agreed to liaise with neighbouring residents regarding trees that required removal, varieties of trees to be planted and those which required cutting back.  Again, the parish council wish this to be clarified as a condition.
  • Flooding – In an attempt to reduce any flooding issues in Brook Lane caused by surface water run-off, Mr Smallcombe advised they would investigate retaining surface water on site.  This is requested to be a condition in any approval
  • Screening – a request was made by a resident for evergreen variety of screening – again to be clarified as a condition
  • Car Parking – Mr Smallcombe agreed to review the car parking areas at the rear of some properties
  • Street Lighting – it was agreed there would be no street lighting other than a small marker / reflector to be placed on gate posts to the properties
  1. APOLOGIES were received from District Councillor M English
  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Councillor J King – Village Hall Matters
  3. CO-OPTION – One application had been received, Mr R Kelly. Councillor Clive proposed and Councillor Smythe seconded in favour of his co-option. No objections
  4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from previous meetings were approved and signed – proposed Councillor Smythe, seconded Councillor Clive

a) 16/01082 Greenacres, Brook, Lane, Cropthorne – reserved matters approval following outline planning permission ref: 14/01875 (appeal reference APP/H1840/A/2228591 – Following the presentation by D Smallcombe, there were no objections to the design of the dwellings, other than the large chimneys, and requested that the issues raised by residents were taken on board

b) 16/00180/LUE – Land off Main Road, Cropthorne – Certificate of lawfulness (existing) – mobile home that is permanently lived in – Refused by WDC

c) 16/01473 Watergate Barn, Neigh Lane – Change of use of garage to study – Awaiting decision by WDC


d) 16/01709 Site adj. to Claverdon – re-submission of previous planning application – outline for single dwelling – Approved by WDC

e) 16/01725 Haselor Hill – remedial works and minor extension – Approved by WDC

f) 16/01784 Brook Farm, Brook Lane – removal of cold store and water tank, change of use to provide pick-your-own and tea room – Awaiting decision by WDC

g) 16/01671 Hillview Ducks – proposed store and stables – Awaiting decision by WDC

h) 16/01443 Spring Cottage, Middle Lane – Two storey side extension – awaiting decision by WDC

i) 16/01871 Cropthorne Stud – Proposed shelter for horse walker and storage – awaiting decision by WDC

j) 16/01771 Lanesend Smallholding – Retrospective planning for field shelter – awaiting decision by WDC

k) 16/01869 Solgrove, Brook Lane – front and rear extensions with alterations – to discuss

Miscellaneous Planning Concerns: –

  1. Stricklands – Living accommodation issues – with enforcement team – nothing to report
  2. Severn Acres – second access – with enforcement team – nothing to report
  3. New Development – Street Name – It was agreed by councillors and parishioners that the new development be called Sheppey Corner. This will be forwarded to WDC
  4. VILLAGE HALL – Minutes from the recent meeting had been circulated
  5. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORT – County Councillor Eyre spoke of the issues with regard buses using Field Barn Lane, pointing out that concerns over the decision to use this diversion had been made by the parish council and residents before works commenced. She advised she would push for the re-instatement of damaged verges etc. She continues to work with bus companies and local parish councils to establish a bus service for all. Previously flagged up issue regarding the camber in Main Street (outside some properties) would hopefully be rectified. Any pavement /highway issues should be reported on the HUB, CC tend to take notice of the number of ‘X’ flagging up problems. One resident spoke of his concern over the number of Rooftop properties with gardens in poor state. The clerk was given a contact name to report these to.
  7. Smart Water – About 50% of the village had received their Smart Water kits – the rest would be distributed by Carol Clive during the next few weeks. Thanks to Carol for her help
  8. Lengthsman – request for grips in Brook Lane / brambles to be cut back on B4084 adjacent to small lay-by – both of these have been actioned by the LM
  9. Baldwins Bank – The LM had cleared some of the overgrowth from the road / footway
  10. New Homes Bonus – Awaiting decision by WDC
  11. Traveller Consultation – Awaiting decision.
  12. HGV Lorries/Lay-by Main Road – A suggestion made for higher kerbs and soft bollards as a deterrent for large vehicles
  13. Safety Barrier – Footpath onto B4084 – this had now been replaced by CC
  15. Approval of payments made/to be made since last meeting, as listed below – All councillors approved

(b) External Audit – awaiting report from Grant Thornton


  • The Parish Council agreed to pay for the village hall hire for PACT meetings, probably one per year
  • Youth Bus – Councillor Clive advised that this was well used by village children
  • Overgrown brambles / vegetation should be reported to the clerk, with an address for the property/land owner to be contacted
  • A request had been made for a speed camera on the B4084
  • A request made for parents dropping off children at the school, return and move their cars as quickly as possible, to alleviate problems in Middle Lane

10. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Monday 3rd October