Minutes November 2017


Minutes from a meeting of Cropthorne Parish Council held on Monday November 6th 2017 in the Village Hall at 7pm

  1. PRESENT :

Cllr B Annis Cllr W Clive

Cllr S Smythe Cllr J King

Cllr R Kelly Cllr R Segar

2 members of the public Clerk L Yapp

  1. APOLOGIES – Cllr Furlong, County Cllr E Eyre and District Cllr M English
  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Cllr J King – Village Hall Matters
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from previous meetings were approved and signed – proposed Cllr Segar, seconded Cllr Kelly – all in favour



a) 17/01901 – Land between Pentalow and Berrycroft, Blacksmsiths Lane Amendments – concerns were raised over the lack of affordable housing. It was agreed that the clerk comment to this affect, also a request that all vehicles (including tradesmen) are kept within the curtilage of the site and not parked in Blacksmiths Lane. Proposed Cllr Clive, seconded Cllr Segar. Approved by all

b) 17/01922 – Holland House Conference Centre – Internal and external alterations to fire escape provisions – there were no objections to this application. Proposed Cllr Segar, seconded Cllr King, all in favour

c) 17/02160 – Old Smokey Farm, Smokey Lane – refurbishment of building fabric, re-fenestration of window openings, new glazed gable and addition of 2 single storey extensions – there were no objections to this application. Proposed Cllr King, seconded Cllr Kelly – all in favour

d) 17/01908 – Severn Acres, Main Road – Erection of utility black and siting of two static caravans – concerns were raised that this appeared to be a division of one site into two. Several issues were raised – why the site had been divided, clarification of where the second caravan is to go, clarification of the area edged in blue on the site plan and clarification of the meaning of visiting static caravans. The clerk would contact the planning officer with regard these points before the parish council made their comments.

Miscellaneous Planning Concerns: –

(i) Stricklands – Living accommodation issues – with enforcement team to organise a site visit

(ii) Severn Acres – second access – With enforcement officer

(iii) Kimberleys Land – WDC Enforcements had written to the new owners

Nothing further to report on the above Enforcement Issues

  1. VILLAGE HALL – Cllr King had circulated the minutes to all councillors prior to the meeting. The recent firework had been a success. She would be handing over as bookings secretary at the end of November and thanked Cllr Smythe for investigating the mower options.
  • New bus service through Fladbury had been introduced
  • Cropthorne First School may have a 20mph speed limit introduced outside
  • School bus drop off and pick up has been amended and is now near the first school


  • Field Barn Lane – parking places are being investigated. This was agreed during a meeting with Will Clive, Cllr Eyrer and a CC representative
  • Footway Main Street – due to concerns over the leaning wall, CC were reluctant to persue this. Cllr Clive was concerned that this was not a good enough reason not to carry necessary works.
  2. Lengthsman The clerk raised the point that the LM budget had not been increased for many years yet more tasks were being placed upon the LM. The clerk would write to CC to have this reviewed. Also for the possibility of the LM to be issue with a pass for the ‘tip’ to be able to offload overgrowth and debris cleared from ditches/verges
  3. New Home Bonus – Approx. £21,000 available to be spend on a LARGE community project.
  4. Speeding – B4084 – The white village gates had been delivered. Cllrs Smythe and Clive would mark out the verges where they are to be placed. It was agreed that we ask the LM to fit them, payable at the hourly rate for his LM duties with the monies coming out of PC funds. Re the VAS sign – it was agreed that the parish council pay for the posts and any traffic management costs necessary. Proposed Cllr Clive, seconded Cllr King. All in favour
  5. Parish Councils Chairmans Meeting – A meeting to be organised asap
  7. Approval of payments made/to be made since last meeting, as listed below

Copy of all accounts had been circulated – approved Cllr Segar, seconded Cllr King – all in favour

10. FOOTPATH 506B – This issue had now been resolved

  2. DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS – Monday 8th January 2018.