Minutes May 2018


Minutes from a meeting of Cropthorne Parish Council held on Monday May 8th 2018 in the Village Hall at 7pm

  1. PRESENT :

Cllr B Annis Vice Chairman Cllr S Smythe

Cllr W Clive Cllr R Kelly

Cllr J King Clerk L Yapp

  1. APOLOGIES – District Cllr M English
  2. ELECTION OF CHAIR/VICE CHAIR Cllr Annis was nominated chairman, proposed Cllr Clive, seconded Cllr King. Cllr Smythe was nominated vice chair, proposed Cllr Clive, seconded, Cllr King
  4. Co-Option – Cllr Annis advised interest had been shown from a parishioner. The clerk would arrange for the necessary application form to be sent out
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from previous meetings were approved and signed – proposed Cllr Kelly, seconded Cllr Clive – all in favour
  2. PARISHIONERS QUESTION TIME: Nothing to report

a) 17/01901 – Land between Pentalow and Berrycroft, Blacksmsiths Lane Amendments – Approved by WDC

b) 18/00437 – Severn acres – new driveway and access – approved by WDC. The clerk was asked to make contact with enforcements, asking when the unauthorised access will be closed

c) 18/00489 – Rorkes Drift, Main Street – proposed car port – awaiting decision by WDC

d) 18/00539 – The Pound Main Street – internal and external alterations associated with boiler installation – no objections

e) 18/00682 – Greenacres – proposed garage and store – no objections

Miscellaneous Planning Concerns: –

  • Evergeen – Cllr Smythe commented that the site layout differed from previous plans. The clerk would contact WDC for clarification
  1. VILLAGE HALL – Report covered in the Annual Parish Meeting
  • Field Barn Lane – Cllr Eyre reported at the Annual Parish Meeting (held prior to this meeting that pressure needed to be put on the developers. The clerk would liaise with Kendricks
  • Footways at the bottom of Main Street would be attended to on 30th July, with those further up to follow.
  • Blacksmith Lane – Cllrs Smythe and Clive had attended to the worst affected areas
  • Sewerage, Brook Lane – Severn Trent had carried out a CCTV survey and a report given to the property owner


  2. Lengthsman – The clerk was asked to get the LM to clear overgrowth on the small lay-by on the B4084 to enable speed checks to be carried out. Authorised for £40 towards to cost of weedkiller
  3. New Home Bonus – Approx. £27,000 available to be spend on a LARGE community project. Ideally the parish council would like to purchase some land. A suggestion was made for a separate toilet block at the village hall. Cllr King would investigate costs for a self-cleaning option
  4. Speeding – B4084 – Speed signs are now in place. The clerk to organise collection of speed data
  6. Approval of 2017/18 Accounts. All in favour
  7. Certificate of Exemption (a formality for the AGAR 2017/18) – approved and signed
  8. AGAR 2017/18 Part 2, Section 1 – Annual Governance Statements – discussed, approved and signed – all in favour
  9. AGAR Part 2 2017/18, Section 2 – Accounting Statements – approved and signed – all in favour
  10. Clerks contract of employment was approved and signed
  11. Payments made since the last meeting/for authorisation
933 Brian Arrowsmith 360.00
934 CALC – Training 30.00
SO L Yapp 231.80
SO L Yapp 16.22
935 L Yapp (s/fall in salary) 15.67
936 L Yapp (Memory Sticks) 30.00
937 Cropthorne V Hall 900.00
938 Cropthorne V Hall – Mower 243.46
939 CALC 409.46
940 L Yapp (s/fall in salary) 15.67
941 B Arrowsmith 61.66
942 B Arrowsmith 132.00
  1. JUBILEE BRIDGE – Land adjacent to Jubilee Bridge – ‘Keep Out’ signs have been put on the new fencing
  3. DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS – Monday 4th June