Minutes March 2018


Minutes from a meeting of Cropthorne Parish Council held on Monday March 5th 2018 in the Village Hall at 7pm

  1. PRESENT :

Chair B Annis Vice Chairman Cllr S Smythe

Cllr W Clive Cllr R Kelly

County Cllr E Eyre

4 members of the public Clerk L Yapp

  1. APOLOGIES – Cllr J King and District Cllr M English
  3. Co-Option – no interest has been shown. Notification has been placed in the notice board and the website
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from previous meetings were approved and signed – proposed Cllr Clive, seconded Cllr Smythe – all in favour


  • It was brought up that the new fire escape at Holland House did nothing to enhance the building in its current bare metal state. It was suggested that it would look better painted black. The clerk was asked to write to Holland House with these views
  • Sign Post – Holland House – This appears to have been damaged. The clerk would report to WDC
  • Hand rail, Baldwins Bank – despite ongoing requests made by the parish council, we are no further forward in resolving the request for a hand rail. It was agreed the clerk ask County Cllr Eyre is she would be prepared to finance from her members budget.
  • Severn Acres / Kimberleys Field – it was noted that there are ‘street light’ style lights at both sites. The clerk would establish if planning approval is needed for these

a) 17/01901 – Land between Pentalow and Berrycroft, Blacksmsiths Lane Amendments – Awaiting decision by WDC. Cllr Eyre has advised that the enforcement issue has been dealt with and the fence removed

b) 17/02536 – Midcott, Middle Lane – Proposed single storey extension to provide kitchen. Demolition of single storey lean to and replacement with smaller single storey side extension – approved by WDC

c) 17/02576 – Kimberleys Field, Field Barn Lane – altered access and track, gates, pillars and bund – Awaiting decision by WDC

The clerk reported that a planning application had been received, 18/00437 – Severn Acres, Main Road – new driveway access and blocking up of existing access – as this had been received too late for the meeting, it was agreed that it be addressed by those attending a separate to review and discuss the new Traveller Consultation

Miscellaneous Planning Concerns: –

  • Severn Acres – second access – With enforcement officer
  1. VILLAGE HALL – Nothing to report


  • Smokey Lane – further photos had been received by the clerk and sent to CC
  • Blacksmiths Lane – Cllr Smythe advised that the bottom end of Blacksmiths Lane was in a poor condition. The clerk would report this, stressing that the road served both domestic and agricultural properties
  1. COUNTY REPORT – Cllr Eyre reported:
  • That the CC budget would increase by 5%, which would include 3% for Social Services.
  • A new structure is in place for Childrens Services
  • Work has started on a new flood alleviation scheme in Upton
  • 20mph near schools – this had received mixed outcomes and would no longer be pursued
  • Footway repairs in Main Street between Brook House and Pool House are now being re-considered following the recent structural survey on the wall
  • Traveller Consultation Preferred Options has now been sent out. Following the recently approved application for additional pitches at Evergreen, this site had now been removed from the Consultation
  • Severn Acres – the site is to be re-assessed regarding the unauthorised access
  • Repairs to Smokey Land and Field Barn Lane would be addressed shortly
  • Neighbourhood Plans – Cllr Eyre stressed the importance of Neighbourhood Plans. The parish council would look into it
  2. Lengthsman – The clerk was asked to get the LM to attend to broken branches on a tree in Field Barn Lane
  3. New Home Bonus – Approx. £24,000 available to be spend on a LARGE community project. Ideally the parish council would like to purchase some land.
  4. Traveller Site Consultation – New Consultation has come out. It was agreed that the PC respond again.
  5. Speeding – B4084 – Most white gates had been fitted. Cold weather had delayed the final two on the B4084 (Evesham side). VAS posts are due to be fitted mid-March
  6. Parish Councils Chairmans Meeting – Next meeting 13th March
  8. Approval of payments made/to be made since last meeting, as listed below
  1. RURAL CRIME – Cllr Smythe reported on a recent PACT meeting:
  • There is a new Business and Rural Crime Office with South Worcestershire Territorial Policing Unit, Lou Tooze
  • Rural crime is being taken more seriously and that as a community, we need to report ALL crimes, no matter how large or small to enable the team to make a realistic assessment of crime rates and locations. The clerk would arrange for something to be included on the website and Five Alive
  1. JUBILEE BRIDGE – Land adjacent to Jubilee Bridge – A fence had been erected. The clerk had received a phone call and email from CC Assistant Countryside Sites Officer, objecting to the fence as it restricted


access from the ‘ramblers’ who maintain that they have been moving it under a ‘gentlemans agreement’. This is not something that PC are aware of and it was suggested that we take some photographs as evidence that the area has now been mown for some considerable time, and access from under the bridge is impossible.

  • W ‘Phil’ Cathcart Davies – Cllr Smythe had been contacted by an ex-villager regarding the recent death of W ‘Phil’ Cathcart Davies, who used to live in Cropthorne and a well-respected rugby player in the 1970s. The clerk would arrange for a notification to be placed in the Five Alive
  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS – Annual Parish Meeting Monday 9th April 2018 at 7pm