Minutes June 2018


Minutes from a meeting of Cropthorne Parish Council held on Monday June 4th 2018 in the Village Hall at 7pm

  1. PRESENT :

Cllr B Annis Cllr J King Cllr R Segar

Cllr W Clive Cllr R Kelly Clerk L Yapp

Mrs M Anderson – Applicant for vacancy 7 members of the public

  1. APOLOGIES – District Cllr M English and County Cllr E Eyre
  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Cllr King – Village Hall matters
  3. Co-Option – An application had been received from Mrs M Anderson. All were in favour of her co-option, proposed Cllr Clive, seconded Cllr King – Mrs Anderson took a seat with councillors
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from previous meetings were approved and signed – proposed Cllr Clive, seconded Cllr Kelly – all in favour
  2. PARISHIONERS QUESTION TIME: The following issues were recorded:

a) Speeding Traffic – Two new residents to Brook Lane raised concerns regarding speeding traffic in Brook Lane from both directions. Both with policing background, suggested the following actions which they considered would help the situation:

  • White lines in the centre of the road
  • Warning of the 30mph speed restriction at either end of Brook Lane
  • Improved verge cutting to improve safety of the children that get picked up/dropped off in Brook Lane, on the school bus
  • Speed monitoring, particularly during rush hour and school drop off/pick up times
  • An additional post to enable the mobile speed sign to be placed at the top of Brook Lane, when entering from the B4084.

The clerk had also received an email from a number of residents from Neigh Lane, also raising concerns with the speed of traffic in Neigh Lane. It was suggested the clerk put together a number of requests from both sets of residents, to present to CC for their comments

b) Footpath – A request for clearance of a footpath had been received. There had been some confusion over the path in question. The clerk would ask the footpath warden to contact Cllr King with regard exact location. It was also reported that the finger post sign had been removed and needed re-siting

c) Anti-social Behaviour – It was reported that local youths were causing a disturbance with revving of motorbikes, riding erratically across The Sheppy playing field. The clerk would inform the local police

d) Lower Croft – It was reported that car repairs, and subsequent oil spillage was an ongoing issue in Lower Croft. The clerk would write to the resident concerned

e) Overgrown hedge, Brook Lane – Concerns were raised regarding the overgrowth, through the visibility railings at land at bottom of Brook Lane. The owner has since moved from the village. The clerk would try and establish where he has moved to. In the meantime, the LM would be asked to cut back to enable safe vision round the bends

f) Handrail at Baldwins Bank – it was reported that the new handrail adjacent to the footpath was causing issues with regard the position. Cllr Annis said he would take a look in the first instance


c) 18/00489 – Rorkes Drift, Main Street – proposed car port – awaiting decision by WDC

d) 18/00539 – The Pound Main Street – internal and external alterations associated with boiler installation – awaiting decision by WDC

e) 18/00682 – Greenacres – proposed garage and store – awaiting decision by WDC


Miscellaneous Planning Concerns: –

  • Evergreen / Severn Acres – The clerk had requested a site map and details of pitches and boundaries from WDC
  1. VILLAGE HALL – Cllr King reported:
  • Two new trustees had been appointed
  • Security Issues – extra CCTV cameras are to be installed and the police had been informed following unauthorised access to the hall. Codes for the KEYSAFE had been changed. CCTV footage showed the intruders to be teenage girls
  • Hallmaster – a free 90-day trial for hall bookings had been set up
  • Website – a new website is in hand
  • Field Barn Lane – verges still in need of attention. The clerk to chase CC and Kendricks
  • Footways at the bottom of Main Street – In hand
  • Parking, Blacksmith Lane – the clerk had received a number of complaints regarding the parking of vehicles in the pavement. The clerk had written, and the complainant had also contacted the police. To be monitored before any further letters get sent
  1. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORT – available from clerk
  3. Lengthsman – the LM would be asked to attend to:
  • Overgrowth in Brook Lane
  • Damaged windows at bus shelter
  • Hardstanding on B4084 – to strim to enable access for speed check police vehicle
  1. New Home Bonus – Cllr King had been actively seeking options and quotes for an independent toilet block at the village hall. It was suggested by a parishioner in attendance that this could invite anti-social behaviour and that is would be advisable to have it locked overnight. To be investigated further
  2. Speeding – covered above
  3. FINANCE Add Bank Reconciliation
  4. Payments made since the last meeting/for authorisation
  5. BUS SERVICE – the clerk had been made aware of the possible loss of the bus service. A quantity of timetables had been obtained and would be delivered to all homes with a flyer indicating that it would be a case of ‘lose it or lose it’
  6. RANDOLPH MEAKINS PATTYS FARM & THE WIDOW LYES CHARITY – a letter had been received regarding the resignation of one of the trustees and the appointment of a replacement
  7. GDPR – the clerk had attended a recent training event help by CALC and would be working with Cllr Segar on the necessary steps to comply with the new legislation. This includes a Policy, Privacy Notice and Consent Forms
  9. DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS – Monday 2nd July