Minutes July 2017


Minutes from a meeting of Cropthorne Parish Council held on Monday July 3rd 2017 in the Village Hall at 7pm

  1. PRESENT :

Cllr B Annis Councillor W Clive

Vice Chair S Smythe Cllr D Furlong

Councillor J King

Clerk L Yapp 9 members of the public

  1. APOLOGIES – Cllrs R Segar, R Kelly and District Cllr M English
  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Councillor J King – Village Hall Matters
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from previous meetings were approved and signed – proposed Cllr Clive, seconded Cllr Smythe – all in favour


  • The parish council were notified that a large mobile home had been seen entering the site at Evergreen – clerk to chase

a) 16/00209 8 Evergreen, Main Road – Awaiting additional information from WDC

c) 16/02754 & 16/02753 Midcott, Middle Lane – Withdrawn

d) 17/00689/LB – Little Cottage, Middle Lane – Approved by WDC

e) 17/00425 The Orchard, Smokey Lane – Awaiting decision by WDC

f) 17/00798LB Quoice Cottage, Kennel Bank Approved by WDC

g) APPEAL – Residential Development of 4 x 4-bedroom dwellings with detached garages @ Greenacres, Brook Lane – Discussion with residents took place – Further concerns were raised and it was agreed that a further objection be written by the parish council and submitted

Miscellaneous Planning Concerns: –

(i) Stricklands – Living accommodation issues – with enforcement team to organise a site visit

(ii) Severn Acres – second access – With enforcement officer

(iii) Kimberleys Land – WDC Enforcements had written to the new owners

Nothing further to report on the above Enforcement Issues

  1. VILLAGE HALL – Cllr King reported they had found a temporary booking clerk, but it was a paid position. The goal mouths had been ‘re-furbished’, and it had been agreed that there be no increase in football fees. The clerk was asked to speak to the lengthsman to look at the hand rail at The Sheppy path leading onto Blacksmiths Lane. It had been agreed by the village hall committee that they say NO to the siting of the phone mast on the playing fields
  1. COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT – Nothing to report
  3. Lengthsman was asked to attend to the overgrowth behind the visibility railings at the bottom of Brook Lane, on the bend. Also to keep an eye on any encroachment from Baldwins Bank onto the footway.


  1. New Home Bonus – The clerk had been in touch with WDC requesting they re-consider the application for traffic calming funds. A report was to be submitted to be considered at the next Localism Committee meeting. A further letter had been received regarding the purchase of a brick construction or large shed to house the Walkabout tables / chairs and fencing. It was agreed there was no support for this. That a large container could be hired for a minimal monthly cost, and the fact that they were already stored within the village. The clerk to write back.
  2. Traveller Consultation – Awaiting outcome of consultation
  3. Speeding – B4084 – The NHB application had been considered by WDC but only the cost for the VAS signs had been approved. It was agreed that in the first instance the speed signs be ordered and the posts requested from CC. CC have not said they would not be able to finance the dragons teeth. To discuss with Cllr Eyre.
  4. Parish Councils Chairmans Meeting – A very successful meeting was held on 28th June. Approximately 12 parish councils were represented. Of those present, all were experiencing the same issues with planning, CC Hub and lack of response from both County and District Councils. All were in agreement that ‘strength in numbers’ was possibly the way forward, and also agreed that there was little evidence to suggest that a CALC meeting would be able to help. In the first instance it was agreed that all those present would seek approval from their own parish councils to move forward with this and a further meeting to be held in September. Chairman Annis asked the parish council if they were in favour of the Chairmans Group moving forward. All in favour.
  6. Approval of payments made/to be made since last meeting, as listed below – All councillors approved
  1. A cheque for £350 had been received as ‘compensation’ for works at Jubilee Bridge
  • A letter to be sent to Mr Massingham, regarding overgrown footpath and hedges
  • An email be sent to owner of land currently being developed by Juliffes in Blacksmiths Lane, regarding the possibility of access and hand rail opposite their site entrance off the Sheppey
  1. DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS – Monday 4th September