Minutes January 2017


Minutes from a meeting of Cropthorne Parish Council held on Monday 9th January 2017 in the Village Hall at 7pm

  1. PRESENT :

Chairman B Annis Councillor W Clive Councillor R Segar

Vice Chairman S Smythe Councillor J King

County Councillor E Eyre District Councillor M English

Clerk L Yapp 9 members of the public

  1. APOLOGIES were received from Cllr Furlong
  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Councillor J King – Village Hall Matters
  3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Minutes from previous meetings were approved and signed – proposed Councillor Clive, seconded Councillor King


  • Sheppey Corner – Concerns had been raised regarding the width of the public right of way adjacent to the site. The clerk had been in contact with the developers and they had re-assured that the path would be re-instated once building had finished
  • Parish Council Support – The parish council agreed that we should proceed with the previously discussed suggestion that a ‘united’ meeting of representatives from other parish councils in the County. Residents present were also in full support of this course of action

a) 16/02510 Greenacres, Brook lane – Residential development of 4 x 4 bedroom dwellings with detached garages. Awaiting decision by WDC

d) 16/02654 Unit 1A, Field Barn Lane Industrial Estate – Change of use from B1 to B2 – Approved by WDC

e) 16/02792 1 Sunnyside, Main Road – single storey kitchen extension –Approved by WDC

Miscellaneous Planning Concerns: –

(i) Stricklands – Living accommodation issues – with enforcement team. The parish council had been advised that there were approx. mobile homes at this site. To be investigated

(ii) Severn Acres – second access – with enforcement team

(iii) Kimberleys Land – Referred to enforcements following laying of hard core / installing of fencing and septic tank

(iv) 8 Evergreen – still awaiting detailed site map, with measurements. Concerns raised that possible development of the site

Above planning concerns to be investigated by District Cllr English

TRAVELLER PITCHES – Clarification is being sought by County Cllr Eyre and District Cllr English with regard the status with respect to planning applications approved at the two sites in Cropthorne. The parish council were asked to compile a list of all sites in Cropthorne, whether permitted or illegal, temporary or permanent – not to include migrant workers or holiday homes. A number of issues required clarification and both the County Cllr and District Cllr were committed to working with the parish council

  1. VILLAGE HALL – Cllr King advised that the Sound / Vision project was progressing well. New trustees were needed, and it was suggested an email be sent round all those on the ‘village email’ list be contacted.


  • Traffic Calming – County Cllr Eyre provided confirmation of the traffic calming actions to be carried out by CC and the parish council. She advised that she would be prepared to contribute a further £1,000 towards the cost of the red road surface if the parish council financed the rest. A breakdown of costs to be requested from CC. Cllr Eyre also advised that she had requested the collected speed data but to date, this has not been made available to her. In addition, she had been unable to obtain background information for proposals for the A46.
  • ‘Fat Traps’ – Cllr Eyre provided information with regard the issues dealt with by Severn Trent, with fat going down sink and wipes / nappies in toilets. Guidelines were made available to the clerk and these would be distributed to residents on the village email list.
  • New Homes Bonus – changes to the funds made available to District Councils by central Governments are expected, which would reduce the amount being made available to Town and Parish Councils. The parish council were advised to use their bonus monies, and take up her offer of the traffic calming gates, sooner rather than later.
  2. Smart Water – Further kits had been distributed, still more to be delivered. Larger SM stickers were requested – clerk to action
  3. Lengthsman – Clerk to request he takes a look at tree at Baldwins Bank (see next item)
  4. Baldwins Bank – Some trees required attention. One dead silver birch to be removed – clerk to contact Western Power. Secondly, an ash tree leaning over the pavement, needs making safe. Clerk to ask the LM if he can attend to it
  5. New Homes Bonus – Current amount available £19, 700 (to be used if accepted by WDC on speed project)
  6. Traveller Consultation – Awaiting outcome of consultation
  7. Speeding – B4084 – Following recent meeting with representatives from CC, a list of requests by the PC was made, and recorded as acceptable, with the exception of the red tar macced road surfacing. The parish council are pushing for this to be by CC, even if the parish council have to make some financial contribution. The clerk, Chair and Cllr Smythe to meet and finalise costings to enable us to move forward with the NHB application.
  9. Approval of payments made/to be made since last meeting, as listed below – All councillors approved
  10. Copy of accounts circulated to all councillors for approval, proposed Cllr King, seconded Cllr Segar, all in favour
  11. Budget / Precept – Full breakdown of last year’s budget / expenditure, 2016/17 including estimated to year end, plus proposed for 2017/18. It was proposed to increase our budget requirement by 1.98% to £5945. Proposed Cllr Clive, seconded Cllr Segar. It was also proposed that we move the £1000 Flood Funds to Election Reserves (rising from £1,000 to £2,000 – confirmed by WDC December 2016 as amount election would cost). Proposed Cllr Segar, seconded Cllr King. It was also agreed that the retained Community Project reserve move to parish councils General Reserve (rising from £500 to £8,162 – reasoning: in case there were professional fees incurred seeking legal advice at any time in the future). Proposed Cllr Segar, seconded Cllr King. All happy with the proposals
  12. JULIFFE DEVELOPMENT – Footpath Concerns – Covered under Public Question Time
  14. DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS – Monday February 5th 2017 at 7pm